Happy 46th Anniversary Star Trek

Exactly 46 years ago this day, Gene Roddenberry created an innovative sci-fi series called Star Trek and television viewing was never the same. It spawned five series that adds up the Star Trek universe and eleven films that makes it the longest franchise in different media like books, comics, the internet,etc.

Star Trek also influenced my upbringing. In a way, it helps me understand diversities in reality because Star Trek parallels how we see the world. Watching the series can teach you about ethics and more. It is also prophetic to many technological innovations that we now enjoy such as the cellphones, computers, tablets and more.

Today, many Sci-Fi titles gives credit to Star Trek as a pioneer. Google also made a tribute for Star Trek with its interactive doodle today.

"And you call yourself a scientist and not worship at the altar of Roddenberry." From Stargate SG-1 episode, The Other Guys.


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