Twitter's #GameOfThrones’ Fun Facts

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Manila, 12 July 2017 - Every week, fans of HBO’s Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) come together on Twitter to talk about the crazy plot twists, the characters’ latest shocking actions, to share their own memes and gifs, and to live Tweet with fellow fans. Each #GameOfThrones season inspires millions of Tweets.
Photo credit: HBO. (Not from the upcoming season.)
To start off the celebration of this Monday’s season premiere, we took a look back at Game of Thrones on Twitter. There have been 13.8 million Tweets about Game of Thrones in 2017 and June 21st was the most Tweeted day this year, when the second trailer was released.

The most Tweeted about Game of Thrones season was season 6 (2016). The most Tweeted about Game of Thrones episodes of all time are:
1.     The Winds of Winter (26 June 2016)
2.     The Red Woman (24 April 2016)
3.     Battle of the Bastards (19 June 2016)
4.     Mother's Mercy (14 June 2015)
5.     Home (1 May 2016)

The most Tweeted about Game of Thrones characters from season 6:
1.     Jon Snow               
2.     Daenerys Targaryen                       
3.     Sansa Stark                       
4.     Arya Stark              
5.     Hodor                    

And these were the most Tweeted hashtags from season 6:
1.     #GameofThrones                
2.     #GoT                     
3.     #GoTSeason6                    
4.     #DemThrones                     
5.     #JonSnow              

The three most followed “cast members” on Twitter are:
1.     Maisie Williams (@Maisie_Williams)
2.     Sophie Turner (@SophieT)
3.     George R.R. Martin (@GRRMspeaking)

In preparation for the long-awaited winter, Twitter has visualized each #GameofThrones character as a snowflake, with their size and pattern determined by how much they were discussed on Twitter: User just need to click on each snowflake to see that character's most talked about moment on Twitter.

For fans that aren’t able to watch the premiere live and are nervous about spoilers on Twitter - we have a solution! Twitter launched a new feature which allows users to mute words in their timelines. This Tweet explains a step by step process on how to handle muting words in your timeline. Now, if anyone can’t make it home in time for their favorite show, they’ll be able to better avoid spoilers on the platform. Users can tune out spoilers and then re-connect with the conversation on Twitter once they’re caught up.


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