The Mummy (2017) movie review

When I first heard about the new Mummy movie, I was wondering about its connection to the old one. The movie that starred Brendan Fraser is a remake of the old black and white movie of the same name. Since this new Mummy movie carries the same title design of the previous movie, it also marks that it takes after the previous movies but in the present time.
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But don’t expect Imnotep in this movie which is obvious. The new Mummy is different since mummification is common among ancient Egyptian royalty. What is strangely about mummification was that all civilizations have practiced it long before the known world was discovered round. What makes this movie unique is that they are reintroducing the classic monster movies of Universal Pictures as one new and “Dark Universe”.

This Dark Universe will connect all monster movies starting with the Mummy. What makes it also different is the diversity and inclusivity. The new Mummy is an Egyptian Princess not a traditional Pharaoh. In addition to this, we will have Count Dracula, the Frankenstein monster, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, the Wolfman, the monster of the Black Lagoon and so on.

  My only concern in this movie was that it casted Tom Cruise which is synonymous to Jack Reacher and Mission: Impossible movies. Mr. Cruise is already labeled for those two movies I mentioned and adding a classic monster movie to his list of recurring movies. But I am not closing door.

For me, Sophia Boutella is the main highlight of the movie rather than Tom Cruise. I think it included Cruise because of his influence and marketability. Sophia proved that she is not just a kick-ass but she also shows she can be a femme fatale.

Russell Crowe has an influential role even though he is a supporting character here just like in Man Of Steel when he played Kal-El’s father Jor-El. I still like Brendan Fraser’s character Rick O’ Connell but I am so looking forward for the expansion of this franchise.

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